Exterior Services Performed

  • Detail Wheels
  • Tire dressing
  • Overspray protector
  • Wheels hand washed
  • Tree sap bugs and tar removal
  • Tree gum removal
  • Fogged, yellowed headlights cleaned & restored. Scratches & swirl marks removed
  • Watermarks on paint, rubber, plastic, trims & grill
  • Paint touch-up system for stone chips scratch scuffed bumpers key scratch paint chip repair
  • Windows and sunroof removal
  • 3x microfiber applicator suede and microfiber buffing towels.
  • Different coating layers always to protect paint
  • We apply premium wax with orbital polisher
  • We spray ceramic wax by hand
  • Clay treatment applicator service
  • Apply UV protectant to trim
  • Polymer paint sealant
  • Exterior buffer compound and sanding if necessary
  • Polishing with ultimate glaze products
  • Clear coat and paint sanding restoration process
  • Paint protection coating
  • Ceramic translucent coating application
  • Paint protection film
  • Clean bras
  • Powder coater surfaces
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Complete Detail

Includes Exterior & Interior Detail:
  • Clay Treatment Service
  • Apply Premium Wax w/ Orbital Polisher or by Hand
  • Apply UV Protectant to Trim
  • Wheels Hand Polished
  • Deep Cleaning of all Interior
  • Shampoo Carpets and Mats
  • Leather Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Clean & Dress Dash, Door Panels & Console

Available Add-ons:

* Machine Paint Polishing
* Polymer Paint Sealant
* Overspray Removal
* Swirl Removal/Polishing For Dark Paint
* Tree Sap Removal
* Engine Detailing
* Headlight Restoration
* Interior Dressing
* Headliner Cleaning
* Leather Conditioner


PRICE: $189
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Superior Quality & Service

Whether you have an RV, boat, truck,
 sedan, SUV, or luxury car, we can detail it.

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