Exterior Services Performed

  • Detail Wheels
  • Tire dressing
  • Overspray protector
  • Wheels hand washed
  • Tree sap bugs and tar removal
  • Tree gum removal
  • Fogged, yellowed headlights cleaned & restored. Scratches & swirl marks removed
  • Watermarks on paint, rubber, plastic, trims & grill
  • Paint touch-up system for stone chips, scratch scuffed bumpers, key scratches
  • Paint chip repair
  • 3x microfiber applicator suede and microfiber buffing towels
  • Different coating layers always to protect paint
  • We apply premium wax with orbital polisher
  • We spray ceramic wax by hand
  • Clay treatment applicator service
  • Apply UV protectant to trim
  • Polymer paint sealant
  • Exterior buffer compound and sanding if necessary
  • Polishing with ultimate glaze products
  • Clear coat and paint sanding restoration process to protect paint
  • Paint protection coating (Various protection coating layers are applied)
  • Ceramic translucent coating application
  • Paint protection film
  • Clean bras
  • Powder coated surfaces
Prices may vary depending on the type of vehicle and conditions.
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Optional Ceramic Translucent
Coating Application

Applied on different layers (as per customer request).

This consists of 1, 2 or 3 Ceramic Coatings (3 years duration per each coat up to 9 years total for the 3 Layers).

We prepare your car's paint before applying Ceramic Coating with the following steps:

  • Removing every Contamination Residual on the Paint (such as Iron, Silicone etc.) with Special products
  • Applying Clay to remove paint imperfections
  • Buffing with Compound
  • Time to apply the Ceramic Coating
We apply the ultimate hydrophobic products to reject UV rays, road grime, mud, pollen, acid rain, bird droppings and any other crud.

These hydrophobic products also whip water away, mud repellent and scratch-resistant to prevent weather erosion and tree gum.